AddTrackingInfo vs Simple Seller Protection

If you don’t mind sharing Paypal logins with strangers, paying more than you should, and don’t mind if it takes days for your tracking information to be manually entered, then AddTrackingInfo will work just fine.

If you’re ready to grow your business, then join the thousands of other shops that have upgraded to Simple Seller Protection from AddTrackingInfo. Many of our customers cite the significant cost savings, the enterprise-grade solution using the official Paypal APIs, and instant seller protection as reasons why they switched over to us.

10X more FREE orders protected / month

AddTrackingInfo gives you just 50 free orders protected per month. It makes sense, their solution requires virtual assistants entering the information which is not cheap. Simple Seller Protection automates this process using Paypal’s API, saving you money.

Save 90% when you switch!

Beyond your free 500 orders protected per month, Simple Seller Protection costs just $0.01 per order protected. AddTrackingInfo costs $0.10 per order protected, inflating your bill by 10x!

Secure and Automated Solution, not Virtual Assistants and Data Entry

AddTrackingInfo uses virtual assistants to enter yoru tracking info. That requires you to share your Paypal login and trust that the manual data entry process to be accurate. Simple Seller Protection automates this process, uses the Paypal API, and protects your order instantly and automatically.