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We've worked with thousands of Shopify stores and won 95% of disputes. We put together all of our knowledge, tips and tricks just for you.

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Simple Seller Protection syncs tracking numbers from Shopify to PayPal and automatically responds to PayPal disputes.

Hate Paypal? You’re not alone.

Worried about your Paypal account getting shut down?
Does your revenue keep getting held in a Paypal reserve?
Do you receive endless Paypal risk reviews?
Do you lose money to disputes?

These happen when you lose Paypal disputes. Simple Seller Protection is the #1 way to prevent these — automatically.

Auto-Sync Tracking information from Shopify to PayPal

Simple Seller Protection automatically matches your Shopify orders with PayPal transactions, retrieves your tracking number, and enters it into Paypal the instant an order is fulfilled. This help prevent PayPal reserves and account shutdowns.

Automatically Respond to Disputes

Your customers can open disputes whether or not a product is delivered. It takes time to respond to PayPal disputes eats up your time, causes you to lose money, or just doesn't happen, let us help. We’ll respond with proven templates and evidence to win the dispute!

Built by a world-class team trusted by 12,000 brands & counting

Our team built ShopMessage, a leading marketing solution. We are a team of engineers, product designers and e-commerce experts across the world, headquartered in San Francisco.

Why Simple Seller Protection?

Win 90% of your disputes

SSP lets you qualify for Paypal Seller Protection, which protects you from customers filing disputes despite you shipping their order.

We sync tracking numbers from your Shopify orders with Paypal transactions.
If a customer opens a dispute, we automatically respond with evidence to win the dispute, including a proven note template and screenshots to prove delivery.

Avoid Money Locked in Reserves

It’s disruptive to have your funds locked in a Paypal reserve. Reputable accounts avoid Paypal reserves, unlocking cash flow to grow the business. Build account reputability using Simple Seller Protection by entering tracking numbers as soon as an order is shipped, quickly responding to disputes and winning more disputes.

Protect your profits

Win more disputes so you can keep more of your profits. Winning disputes could be the difference between scaling your sales versus losing money. Win more disputes and keep more of your hard-earned revenue.

Prevent account shutdowns

Ever lost a Paypal account? Ever lose all the money in the account? Missed a busy sales season when your account was under review?

Losting disputes increases the chances of Paypal shutting down your account. Winning disputes increases your account’s reputability. Simple Seller Protection is a must-have for any Shopify store using Paypal.

Your Security is Our Priority

Did you know having logins from all over the world actually hurts your account reputability? If you are sharing your PayPal login credentials with virtual assistants around the world to manually respond to chargebacks, Paypal is vastly more likely to flag your account for review.

The right way to do this is by using Simple Seller Protection. We enter your tracking information using official Paypal APIs. And we protect your information using enterprise-grade security.

Built for Shopify. Setup takes less than 3 minutes.

Simple Seller Protection is built for Shopify. We use the official Shopify and Paypal APIs so your account is secure.

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